I Will Follow You Into The Dark !Vote!

2008-08-15 15:35:20 by ZenMicroClock

After a long break from animating, I have finally returned. The movie can be seen here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Happy Clockday everyone :)

I Will Follow You Into The Dark !Vote!


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2008-08-15 15:42:24

WTF is with the emo shit Zen?

(Updated ) ZenMicroClock responds:

Well I went and took some animation courses up at my brother's college this summer, and the second day I was there, my best friend passed away back at home. Since I was living up where I was taking the classes, I couldn't get back in time for his funeral, so I missed it. Ever since then, I've been going through a pretty rough time. So I thought that this would probably be the best outlet for my emotions at the time (not the whole suicidal part though).


2008-08-15 19:30:40

entertaining, i gave it a 5. I liked your style.

ZenMicroClock responds:

Thanks mate. It is greatly appreciated :]


2008-09-01 21:37:01

Good job, or should I say - GoodJobClock .


2008-09-07 13:16:30

You there, Clock!
I am Dr. Eggman, the new ruler of the Clock Crew and I order you to spam the portal relentlessly with as many [CC] Flash as you possibly can! Today is the day we rage war on all spam groups who dare stand against us, and as a member of the Clock Crew it is your job to spread that title to as many parts of this site as you possibly can!
Now is our time to take over Newgrounds, I trust your fully prepared!